👇A message from GM Brent Neuls As the seasons change from winter to spring so does the quality of your water. This water change can be troublesome. But don’t fear, there are simple steps that can be done to prevent untimely emergencies and extra costs.

💧Well Maintenance
FLUSH LINES THOROUGHLY – When your well line depressurizes all the scale on the piping will flake off. When the lines are re-pressurized all the scale will then be pushed towards the RO system. This can cause overload on filters and membranes to plug off. So, it is highly important to remember to flush out your lines!

💧Treat dugouts with pond treatment.
Once the ice is off your dugout it is a good idea to treat it with proper pond additives. Over winter dugouts have less oxygen, therefore all Organic Matter slowly dies off and creates Organic Carbon. This causes sludge in the bottom of your dugout. Adding proper pond treatment will add enzymes into the water. Enzymes accelerate chemical reactions – so in a pond they play a supporting role. They are catalysts that help natural bacteria; by speeding up the digestion of all that organic material (sludge). Enzymes allow the bacteria to work more efficiently!