Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems for City, Town, and Village Applications.

System Overview for Walker’s Water Systems
Higher Pressure Reverse Osmosis

A – We make sure your system is clean and running like it should.

B – We bring you more Anti-Scalent and fill your Anti-Scalent tank

C & D – We change your Triplex filters, disinfect and clean the bowls

G – We add disinfectant to your water tank to keep your house lines clean

E – We check the membrane(s) and change when needed

And once a year on the 6 month visit….

F – We Change the UV light

We make sure your system is clean and running like it should.

We Service Every 6 Months

Removes 95%-99%:

– Chlorine
– Sodium
– Calcium
– Lead
– Copper
– Mercury
– Heavy Metals
– Fluoride
– Sulfates
– Nitrates
– Bacteria
– Viruses
– Parasites
– Cysts
– Algea
– Chemicals
– Pestacides
– Arsenic
– Uranium
– Tannins


Providing safe, pure, healthy remineralized & pH-balanced water

No more:

• Water Softener and Heavy Bags of Salts
• Harmful Chlorine
• Hauling Heavy Jugs of Water
• Spots or Scale on Fixtures and Appliances

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"Great job and great water! We have one and we love it."

~Edward K.

Montmartre, SK

"It's really nice to be able to drink out of the tap for the first time in two years."

~Darryl and Barb M.
Belmont, MB

"You will always be busy. It's the best water with your RO system. No hauling softener salt anymore and no more buying chlorine.

I love the new system."

~Ed W.
Macrorie, SK

"We had Brent and Blair out to Hilda, Alberta. Great guys and this RO system sure is impressive.

The workmanship is second to none. Professional guys that do a great installation. Wes, the sales guy, is also second to none. He was able to answer any question and he answers his phone on weekends.

So far, up-to-date our experience has been terrific. Keep up the good works guys!"

~John S.
Hilda, AB

"We love our Walker Water System...and their service is to us has been amazing!

THAT is why I always make cookies for them when they come to our farm."

~Cathy T.
Frontier, SK

"We love our Walkers Water System! Their service is top notch."

~Maria Macmillan
Moosomin, SK

"Best money I ever spent."

Jamie K
Grenfell, SK

"Cleanest water to our new home. We love our Walkers Water System.

~Bailey G.

"Awesome water and service. Highly recommend Walker's Water Systems!"

~Jen M.

"Wow! Amazing!

I had terrible stinky water and they have made it clear and drinkable! Amazing service."

~Jennie W.


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Kipling, SK S0G 2S0