Did You Know….

Your water can quality can change over time depending on your water source and even the time of year. One of the ways to maintain the consistency of the quality of water coming from your tap is a well maintained water filtration system.

This is why every 6 months 💦 Walker’s Water Systems 💦 service our systems.

At that service, we:
🛠️ Bring you more filters and clean all the filter bowls
🛠️ Bring more anti-scalant and fill the anti-Scalant tank (no chlorine treatment in our systems)
🛠️ Add disinfectant to your water tank to keep your house lines clean
🛠️ Clean, change, or replace the View Flow Filter & housing
🛠️ Check the membrane(s) and change when needed

We make sure your system is clean & running like it should – on a regularly scheduled maintenance. You DON’T pay for mileage or any of the preventative maintenance. You only pay for your consumables (which is what you would normally pay for any system)

Our fleet of Service Vans run regular routes to service EVERY system across the prairie provinces!!

Thinking of a whole house / farm / business water purification system? ☎️ 1-833-RO Water (1-833-769-2837).